Tissot Amphore Trousseau 2020 Magnum


Tissot Amphore Trousseau 2020 Magnum


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Tissot is one of Jura'­s leading wineries, and the estate was founded in the 1960s. Today Benedicte and Stephane Tissot run it. They run their farm in a very hands on and labour intensive manner with 15 full time employees! They are biodynamic, only use natural yeasts and they firmly believe in the mantra of expressing the style of each vintage. This makes each new vintage an exciting discovery! The Trousseau is kept for five weeks on the skins which is unusually long, and then aged for a further year in large oak barrels. The bright, crunchy fruit is accompanied by Tissot'­s hallmark minerality and a dash of textural austerity. Very elegant and focussed too, with just a touch of greenness that actually works incredibly well here, adding another layer of complexity.

1500 ml

Country_France, Grape_Trousseau, OtherRed, Producer_Tissot, Region_Jura, Type_Red