Domaine des Deux Cles Main Rouge 2022


Domaine des Deux Cles Main Rouge 2022


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From the Corbières region of south west France. Florian and Gaëlle Richter spent their formative years in Burgundy but when they wanted to start making their own wine, the high cost of land forced them to look elsewhere.  If you want to start from scratch from making small lots of artisinal wine this is a region that can make it possible. Despite utilising wine making techniques from Burgundy, they don't want to lose the essence of Corbières itself. So along with a structure of freshness there is also the concentration that the region brings. This, along with the unique qualities of the local grapes, Grenache, Carignan and Macebeo, give a real taste of this lovely area. 

This red is a blend of 80% Carignan and 20% Syrah and is jnedium bodied with ripe juicy brambly fruity, soft and fresh.




Country_France, Grape_Carignan, Grape_Syrah, Producer_Domaine des Deux Cles, Region_Roussillon, Type_Red