R. Faivre Champagne Les Reflets du Clocher BdB


R. Faivre Champagne Les Reflets du Clocher BdB


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This cuvée symbolises our vineyard and our estate at its best
with this 100% Meunier champagne.
Indeed, the Meunier grape variety represents 80% of our
vineyard which explains all the symbolic of this cuvée.
“Reflet Naturel” is a pure expression of Meunier from the Belvalsous-Châtillon vineyard where the crunchiness of the fruit is well
expressed thanks to its extra brut dosage.
The finesse and precision of this wine are a result of our
demanding cultural practices: strong pruning for a production
limitation, careful manual trellising, ploughing and grassing, leaf
removal and no herbicides nor insecticides use.
 Cuvée from the 2017, 2018 & 2019 harvests
 Tank fermentation
 Malolactic fermentation
 Light filtration and chilling
 Extra brut : 1.5 gr / L
 100 % Meunier
 Belval-sous-Châtillon, parcels : « Les Glises » , « La Poterne »
« Les Champs Robin » and « La Culbute »
 Brown chalky-clayley soils on limestone.
Aging 24 months in cellars


Country_France, Producer_Faivre, Region_Champagne, Type_Sparkling, Winemaking_Organic