Domaine d’Audaux Je Reve d’un Tracteur Syrah 2022


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Deep, healthy crimson. I thought it was very slightly reduced at first but this blew off very fast. Light bodied but intense with some recognisable Syrah character. It tasted as though it was lovingly made. The little bit of solid matter in my glass was surely a grape skin?! Fresh but not lightweight with a bone dry finish and very appetising and honest. A wine made in south west France just outside the Jurançon zone; a wine with a story; a wine worth seeking out. Though best served with something quite savoury. We enjoyed it with a dish that included sauteed onions and fresh peas that was a little too sweet for the wine.

Grape: Syrah

Region: Jurancon, France

Country_France, Grape_Syrah, Producer_D'auxdaux, Region_Jurancon, Type_Red

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