Cantine Povero Dolcetto Monferrato 2023


Cantine Povero Dolcetto Monferrato 2023


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Cantine Povero are a traditional winery in Piemonte, located right in the triangle where Roero, Langhe and Monferrato meet. The Povero family farms the land in a very traditional way, with over 150,000 vines spread over 45 hectares of vineyards. Environmentally responsible in the vineyard their traditional methods are supported by eco-friendly technology so that no chemical herbicides and fertilisers are used, all water used is from their own ancient deep well and all their electricity needs are met by their own solar panels. 

750 ml

Country_Italy, Grape_Dolcetto, ItalyRed, Producer_Povero, Region_Piedmont, Type_Red