BioVio Pigato Marene 2022


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 Pigato. It is a white grape planted primarily in Liguria, and is genetically very similar to Vermentino. Some say it IS Vermentino, but the locals insist it is a different grape and that the spots (pigato) found on the grapes are evidence of this. The Riveria di Ponente region of near Genoa is where the best Pigato is found - which is exactly where this  organic Pigato is from. It's not an unusual wine, instead it is very classic in profile - dry, crisp with a subtle grassiness.I t works really well with  Genoa classic pesto dishes - often a tricky one to food  match.

Country_Italy, Grape_Arneis, Producer_Biovio, Region_Liguria, SpainItalyWhite, Type_White