Rodica Malvazija Classic 2021


Rodica Malvazija Classic 2021


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100% Malvasia
7 hours of maceration, spontaneous fermentation between 16-18 °C, 12 months of maturation sur lie, bottled after 18 months
Maturation: 6 months in acacia barrel, 1 year in stainless steel tank
Wine region: Slovenian Istria
Location: Truške
Alcohol value: 12.7% vol.
Sugar level: dry
Harvest: hand harvested
Serving temperature: 9-11 °C
Malvasia Klasika is intensely golden yellow and surprises us with aromas that range from vanilla, acacia, peach, grapefruit towards aromas of field flowers and gently sweet aromas. The body is medium rich with an elegant fruity taste and slight mineral after-taste.

Malvasia Klasika takes us on a journey to the Mediterranean and is a great combination with fish dishes or, even better, traditional Istrian pasta “fuži” with white or black truffles.

750 ml

Country_Slovenia, Grape_Malvasia, OtherWhite, Producer_Rodica, Region_Istria, Type_White