Ori Marani Marta 2020


Ori Marani Marta 2020





The winery was established in 2017 by husband and wife team Bastien Warskotte and Nino Gvantseladze, in the Caucasus mountains, in the Shida Kartili region of Georgia. Bastien is originally from Champagne and grew up in a family of winemakers and has worked in Bordeaux, Australia and South Africa. Nino is Georgian, and takes care of the admin side of things. The name Ori Marani means two wineries, and they aim to combine the traditional wine making of Georgia with the traditional wine making of Champagne. They use local, organic grapes, and traditional Georgian Quevri and old French barrels for ageing. 

Mariam is a proper orange wine made from the grape Tsitska, fermented in qvevri with six months skin maceration. Tsitska is known for its yellow fruit flavours such as quince, melon and pear with a honeyed top note. Here the skin contact adds a pithy dryness to the flavours and mouthfeel.

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