Sadie Family Wines Rotsbank 2022



South Africa


These are some of South Africa’s most sought sought after wines – and if you are lucky enough to try them you will see why. The Ouwingerdreeks (Old Vine) wines are from some of the oldest vines in South Africa (as the name would suggest!) and each of the wines is so different and full of flavour. 

Since 2008 Ebenhad wanted to produce a Swartland Chenin Blanc from the Rotsbank vineyard and finally purchased the  site in 2021. He must have been so delighted to get it, although a less fastidious person might have passed, as it sounds quite difficult! It is in Paardeberg in the Aprilskloof on a rock shelf that barely has 30 – 50 cm of soil in most parts. It is incredible to think that this vineyard survives year after year. Many of the roots in the soil have found cracks in this rock shelf, and the limited natural growth of this vineyard makes for incredibly concentrated fruit. Eben says the wine ‘displays flinty, almost crushed eggshell aromas, grapefruit and more tropical aspects once the initial minerality of the site gave way in the aromas. The wine is incredibly concentrated on the aromatics; the same concentration follows through on the palate’  

Country_South Africa, Grape_Semillon, OtherWhite, Producer_Eben Sadie, Type_White, Winemaking_Organic