Ronco Severo Pinot Grigio 2018


Ronco Severo Pinot Grigio 2018




Pinot Grigio


The fermentation on the skin results in the deep, coppery colour typical of the varietal. An intense bouquet of acacia flowers leads to a palate of strawberries, spices and wild herbs. With age this wine develops with notes of dry hay, toasted almonds and reaches notes reminiscent of cognac and armagnac. Dry, gentle, incredibly complex, pleasantly sharp, with a lingering palate of Artemisia. Serve at 15℃.

The grapes are left to ferment on the skin for about a month in truncated cone shaped oak vats. No temperature control, without external yeasts or enzymes. After soft pressing the wine remains on its fine lees for 23 months in Slovenian oak barrels. The wine is then bottled without filtration on a waning moon between August and September.

750 ml

Country_Italy, Grape_Pinot Grigio, Producer_Ronco Severo, Region_Friuli, Type_Orange