Markovitis Xinamavro 1997


Markovitis Xinamavro 1997





Markovitis Xinamavro 1997 Xinamavro is Greek grape. If pressed for a comparison, we would say it is a Barolo - with lots of red berry fruit, a floral hint, and the high acidity and tannic structure you would associate with nebbiolo. This is from 1997, and as the Xinamavro has aged it has accquired a fragrant lift, and has developed earthy notes - bright crunchy red fruit mingles with the more developed flavours of black olives and spice. Like a very good red Burgundy or Barolo. Region: Greece Grape: Xinamavro 750ml
Country_Greece, Grape_Xinamavro, OtherRed, Producer_Markovitis, Type_Red