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The Michael Mara Vineyard — planted in 2006 by Steve & Jill Klein Matthiasson — is a beautiful Chardonnay site just west of the town of Sonoma. This Traditional Method Sparkling Solera is a reserve blend of Chardonnay with components dating back to 2012 — our first vintage.  What started as the “Intern Project Chardonnay” in 2012 has culminated into a sparkling wine that is a blend of every vintage we have produced. This will be our second bottling of the Sparkling Solera to date. This blend is predominantly from the 2019 vintage, while about 40% of this bottling is our perpetual reserve from vintages dating back to 2012 — which is why we refer to this wine as a sparkling Solera. 

The 2019 vintage itself was a beautiful and bountiful vintage from the vineyard. Notoriously rocky soil is what characterizes this vineyard from others in the area -- when Steve and Jill Matthaisson planted this vineyard in 2006, they encountered what they called to this day, the rockiest soil they have ever worked with. Given that characteristic, they decided to plant the most naturally acid-driven clone of Chardonnay, Wente clone 4. 

In this iteration, we have a wine that is bright, unctuous & textural. Over the years, making this wine as a still Chardonnay has provided us with a lot of insight on how the wine ages and what kind of textures it brings to the bottle, even with a few years of age. If both of us were to describe the wine with one word, we would say power. The acidity is only matched with the density of this vintage, making for a structured and delicious sparkling Chardonnay. This bottle could easily age for 10+ years.


750 ml

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