La Colombe Curzilles 2020


La Colombe Curzilles 2020







The French part of Switzerland is the homeland of Chasselas. The vineyards are nestled along the shores of lake Geneva, and are a Unesco world heritage site where the scenery is stunning. The vineyards are so steep that the grapes and workers are transported by monorails and harvests are back breaking work. The winery has been in the family for centuries and the current generation is Raymond Paccot and his daughters. Raymond is considered one of the best Chasselas producers in Switzerland and his wines are a great expression of what great Chasselas is. He works his vines biodynamically and is very focused on the different terroirs and how they produce different nuances with Chasselas. We find that some Chasselas can be a bit flabby to the UK palate, a lot of growers put the wines through 100% malolactic fermentation. Raymond however uses malolactic fermentation sparingly, and harvests a bit earlier. The resulting wine has lots of minerality, freshness and a delicous salty tang.

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