Fabien Jouves You F**k My Wine 2020


Fabien Jouves You F**k My Wine 2020


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Jurancon Noir



There are two different kinds of wines made in this estate the Vins de Soif (light easy drinking styles) and AOC Cahors. They are made in a different manner (one without sulphur and without barrel ageing, the other traditionally made and with differing levels of oak). This is made from 100% Jurancon Noir. The Cahors AOC people told Fabien that he must remove the Jurancon Noir from his Cahors wine. He loves the grape (for very good reason), and so bottled it by itself to stick his fingers up at the authorities - hence the name.  Macerated cherries with crushed stones flavours - vibrant and juicy.

Country_France, Grape_Jurancon Noir, Grape_Malbec, OtherRed, Producer_Fabien Jouves, Region_Cahors