Fabien Jouves Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirées 2022


Fabien Jouves Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirées 2022


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Fabien Jouves makes two types of wine at his estate - Mas del Perie label, which is AOC Cahors and his own label wines which are more experimental. I suppose you would say the Fabien Jouves label is when he lets his hair down from trying to convert the world to Cahors Malbec. None of these wines fall into the Cahors AOC categories, even though the grapes are often from the best plots in the region, so they are all labelled Vin de Table. A blend of Malbec and Merlot this is a delicious drinking wine, soft black cherry and brambly fruit flavours, nice tannic structure as you would expect from Cahors Malbec, but with a juicy, lighter fruit core.

Country_France, OtherRed, Producer_Fabien Jouves, Region_Cahors, Type_Red, Winemaking_Biodynamic