Fabien Jouves Nectar des Dieux 2020


Fabien Jouves Nectar des Dieux 2020


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Pinot Noir


A delicious, juicy red from Cahors made from Malbec, Muscat de Hambourg, Cinsault and Grenache Noir in a litre bottle! There are two different kinds of wines made in this estate - the Vins de Soif (basically drinking wines) and AOC Cahors.  They are made in a manner (one without sulphur, and with minimal ageing, the other traditionally made with differing levels of oak). This belongs to the former, and a great addition to his  'Vin de Soif' series. 

Country_France, Grape_Malbec, Grape_Pinot Noir, Producer_Fabien Jouves, Region_Cahors, Type_Red