Cotat Sancerre Rosé 2020


Cotat Sancerre Rosé 2020




Pinot Noir

Loire Valley

Francois Cotat'­s domaine is based in one of the greatest of all the Sancerre villages, Chavignol, where he creates very unusual wines. Late picked, then barrel fermented using indigenous yeasts, these are a unique expression of Sancerre, and his best wines can age for decades. The  Rose comes from a tiny 0.4 parcel of Pinot Noir in the famed village of Chavignol. This is 15% abv, with a real feeling of the south to this wine, a character that pleases François, an ardent fan of the wines of the southern Rhône. Highly perfumed with aromas  and flavours of ripe red berries and citrus fruit.


Country_France, Grape_Pinot Noir, Producer_Cotat, Region_Loire Valley, Type_Rosé, Winemaking_Biodynamic