Convexity Cabernet Sauvignon 2012


Convexity Cabernet Sauvignon 2012


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Cabernet Sauvignon


Napa Valley, California

Convexity Cabernet Sauvignon is a project established by three former colleagues and friends who all share a great love of wine, and wanted to create their own brand that created a knockout, best of the best Napa Cabernet. They knew they needed the crème de la crème of winemakers to produce it and opted to pair up with the much celebrated and award winning viticulturist cum winemaker Steve Matthiasson. In making Convexity, winemaker Steve Matthiasson expresses the unique character of the Napa Cabernet, sourcing fruit from two of the best vineyard sites (also farmed by Steve) in the Napa Valley.

Aromatics of bramble flower, white pepper and succulent plum. On the palate, the aromatics continue with fleshy black cherry and marionberry accents. Exceptional balance, depth without heaviness, and a clean finish. This focused and poised Cabernet fans out in depth and breadth with a long mineral finish. Convexity is all about collaboration; the word itself means a rounded curve joining two points on a graph. Convexity also represents the elegant arc of a business relationship formed by bringing together the smart eye for long-term investment with the craft of an excellent winemaker and Napa premier vineyards. Thus, Convexity represents the best investment — making classic, premium quality Napa Valley Cabernet.

750 ml

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