Alexandre Filaine Sensuum Vertigo 2013


Alexandre Filaine Sensuum Vertigo 2013





Alexandre Filaine Champagne is made by Fabrice Gass the ex winemaker at Bollinger, from his own small organic vineyards. The vineyards are in the premier cru village of Damery. The wines are unique and incredibly labour intensive - 100 year old ex-Bollinger casks used to age the wine, no malolactic, riddling, dégorgement and dosage done by hand in his backyard. It's very much a one man show, and he only makes a few thousand bottles a year. They are really old fashioned and rich in style. The Sensuum Vertigo is mainly Pinot with some Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier aged in those old barrels for 6 years. 500 bottles are produced. 

Country_France, Producer_Alexandre Filaine, Region_Champagne, Type_Sparkling